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How brands are pivoting their customer experience (CX) strategy amid pandemic-related disruptions and heightened privacy demands.

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We worked with the experts at Vanson Bourne to collect the views of 8,000 consumers and 800 marketers across 8 countries to understand shifts in marketer and consumer expectations about CX and privacy, as well as how brands are leveraging technology to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

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Acquia has also taken a look at data and trends for these regions

How Personalization Drives Customer Behavior

Marketers are adapting to shifting consumer behaviors with data-driven approaches.



    changed their digital CX strategy over the past 18 months, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic



    say gathering first-party data is more important to their organization than it was two years ago



    say the ability to gather enough data about consumer preferences to create compelling digital experiences has been particularly important over the past 18 months

The Bottom-Line Impact of Personalized Experiences

Marketers say implementing more personalization has generated the following improvements:

The Role of MarTech


of global respondents say their organization's ROI for marketing tech tools improved in 2021. Yet...


say their technology holds them back from creating and delivering innovative or creative digital experiences.


Brand & Consumer Trust Gap


While 83% of global marketers surveyed think customers trust their organization's use of personal data more in 2021 than in 2020...


40% of consumers still do not trust that all brands will handle their personal data properly


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