The Acquia Open DXP Difference

Experience Digital Freedom™

Heralding in the dawn of a new age of the composable enterprise.

Pioneering Innovation

Acquia is pioneering innovation to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation with a new digital-first DXP architecture that is Microservices-based. API-based, cloud native, headless, and head optional to help our clients build for the future with a platform that will scale and grow any digital business as needs continue to evolve and markets continue to change.

"Laying a solid foundation for the future"

Allowing the team to provide a solid foundation for growth, while allowing the business to meet IT security & compliance needs. It also removes the need to have a team of IT skilled staff and empowering the marketing team themself to build the website with ease.

Manager in IT - Automotive Company

Persistent Proliferation

A decade ago, today, and a decade from now, digital enterprises will continue to face an ever scaling set needs and challenges across four primary areas:


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More Content

Customers and employees alike will always need more content delivered on more channels, and enterprises will always need new capabilities in order to help democratize content creation and access to make it easy for marketers, and developers alike, to scale publishing processes to distribute that content to all channels and touchpoints. And, reuse that content and make it engaging, personalized and targeted for each and every individual need.


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More Applications

Digital enterprises will need to build and onboard new digital applications and business services as markets, demands, regulations and needs evolve. Digital enterprises must make it easy for developers to build new, innovative applications and to automate the provisioning of new services with maximum security, scalability, performance and availability.


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More Data

With more content, more applications, channels, devices and touchpoints, you will always have an ever increasing amount of data. Digital experiences will be 100% data driven. Every single employee experience, every single customer experience will be powered by deep insights that enable you to deliver the services, and the content, and the experiences employees and customers alike need in order to accomplish their objectives.


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More Risk

In a digital-first and privacy conscious world, risk will only continue to accelerate. Managing security, managing compliance, managing brand, legal, and corporate risk is paramount. Security can no longer be an afterthought and must be in the core of business operations - of every new application, of every new experience. Everything must be trusted by design.

The CIO's Dilemma: A False Choice


Traditional Software Stacks

(a.k.a. Monoliths) don’t provide flexibility or the customizability of the innovation pipeline that’s necessary for organizations to continue to move at great velocity.

Pure Headless Stacks

Provide innovation but lack security, customizability, feature richness and scalability only put your business at risk as a standalone strategy.

DIY Microservices Stacks

Power innovation and afford maximum customizability, but run & operate costs to achieve enterprise-grade security and scalability put organizations at risk of being left behind.

Composable Enterprise Achieved

Blueprint all of your digital experiences and rapidly scale them with world class security and governance around the globe, seamlessly integrating, extending, personalizing and optimizing the experiences you deliver for every individual.

Acquia Open DXP is a new approach architectured for the future to power digital enterprises everywhere. Featuring a new composable stack that provides feature richness, scalability, and security at the core. With maximum flexibility to onboard MACH services quickly and unleash innovation across your organization and win.

Composable Insights
Align your entire business to your customers, ensuring they are meeting their needs, furthering their experience and their bottom line with the insights they need to be effective.
Drive a first-party data strategy unifying all online & offline data & ML models deliver predictive insights to fuel experiences, inform growth & empower all employees to extend experiences wherever customers engage.
Composable Journeys
Reach every customer in the moment, no matter where, when or how they engage and exceed their needs.
Surface shoppable experiences anywhere your customers are through a platform that supports content-rich application development with an open MACH compliant architecture & extensibility to innovate new experiences for customers with partners & third-parties.
Composable Product Experiences
Differentiate from your competitors and build a community around your catalog. Pique your customers interest, keep them engaged and always wanting more.
Unlock the ability for anyone to bring your products to life by producing compelling product experiences at scale powered by no-code, headless & SaaS tools to deliver unique, enriching experiences from your PIM without the constraints of a catalog, delivering value to customers, uncovering new needs & building a community around it directly in your CMS without complex integration points or redundant work.
Composable Content
Scale with maximum agility to satisfy your customers’ endless appetite for great content at every step of their journey. Empower business users to assemble and control the experience. With an advanced UI offering native layout options and contextual, dynamic display of content, Acquia CMS is designed to enable the best experience assembly whether it needs to remain static, interactive, or is constantly evolving.
Customers expect content to be accessible on any digital screen, from a website to a conversational interface, and it will continue to evolve. Build and modify your model in real time with reusable components, a world class taxonomy, and all relevant rich media at your fingertips.
Composable Designs
We offer a “config instead of code” approach. This pattern allows control of your experience without having to write code. This has been our vision and reality for 20+ years. You are never starting from scratch.
Design elements and systems that can be reused across any digital experience. All with the proper governance to protect your brand. Automatically ensure all beautiful experiences created quickly without deploying code and meet your brand and style guides.
Composable Business Capabilities
With JSONAPI, GraphQL, and native support for custom REST endpoints, we define the Hybrid Headless model. It will serve your needs when it comes to connectivity and a flexible delivery model without missing a beat.
With over 45,000 Drupal modules, you can integrate with all the back end systems you need to keep your business moving forward. Whether you need to consume or interact with an outside service, or make use of data inside our digital experience platform, a powerful Hybrid Decoupled model ensures there are no limits to what you can achieve.
Composable Stacks
Scale out infinitely while always maintaining global visibility and control over the total experience your business is delivering.
Whether it's a customer facing or an employee focused digital experience, you need a common set of applications that serve as accelerators. Through the use of Site Factory, you can assemble tens, hundreds or thousands of digital experiences. All on a common codebase with complete control to build a self service platform, if that's your desire with the security & governance you need to ensure peace of mind.