Site Studio

The Only Low-Code Tool for DXP

Change the way you build and update digital experiences. Low-code expedites development timelines and empowers business users to contribute.

Experience Management, Made Easy

Site Studio provides a visual page builder. Anyone within your organization can create a page or make changes to an existing page.

It's simple to add content, update content or make basic design changes. With real time preview functionality, you can see changes being made instantaneously.

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Drive More Innovation

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    Granular Roles and Permissions 

    Site Studio comes with permissions and filters built-in. Leaders within your department can grant access to each page, as you see fit.

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    Prebuilt Features

    With over 70 pre-built components, Site Studio accelerates your development work. 

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    Intelligent Page Building

    Site Studio adjusts pages so they are formatted properly and drive maximum engagement. IT can stop updating templates and changing pixels, the work you don't want to be doing.

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    Searchable Component Library

    As you develop new components, it's easy to make them accessible for reuse. Allowing you to focus on building and innovating, what you do best.

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    Custom Components

    There are no limitations about what or how you can build. Developers are still in full control. We make it easy to include custom elements, blocks and ingest applications such as React that will complement the pre-built component library.

Key Features

Learn about the functionality within Site Studio.

Primary Features
UI Kit with over 70 pre-built components that are intelligent including header and footer, layout, card, slider, according, and more.
Pre-build page templates including master templates, content templates, product templates and more.
Visual Page Builder with a front-end, drag and drop user interface. The user interface provides access to component library and real-time responsive preview.
Smart Components that intelligently adjust to brand standards, accessibility, and simplify the site creation process for non-technical users.
Roles and Permissions that are available at the component level, page level and sub-page level (helpers) empowering multi-experience creation.
Design Features
Master design system with the ability to set key UX elements like font, colors and more all while providing choice for experience creation.
Responsive grid to ensure each experience is optimized for the device users interact on.
Style guide manager that empowers non-technical users with a user interface to select key design elements for their specific page.
Accessibility: ARIA built-in support.
Accessibility: CSS reset and default settings to enable CSS Outline or Boxshadow.
Custom style creation that allows select team members to create custom styles for specific digital experiences.
Marketing Features
A collection of modules called Helpers that expedite the time it takes to create a new experience.
Visual page editing made in real time through a front end interface, designed for business users.
Layout canvas with the ability to search and identify what needs to be included on a page
Library with pre-built components including video, header, maps, and commerce components to power your composable experience.
IT Features
Reusable components, component content is available in the Sidebar browser for use on any Layout canvas.
Deployment sync by exporting all of your configuration including styles, templates and components along with all file entity asset dependencies as a single package.
Views Flexible Page by specifying a specific number of results to show on the first page of your view, which can be different to other pages.
SEO Schema for metadata, developers can add SEO fields to each site studio element.
Analytics triggers, each element in Site Studio has settings where you can setup events and triggers with your web analytics like Google Analytics.
Google Map Integration by creating an address and geocoder fields on your content. It can then be connected to a Google Map marker.

[Site Studio] allows for consistent branding and UX UI capabilities across our websites.

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